Allergy Control Products Can Control Your Asthma

When you have allergies, most people don't realize what that means. Many think that 'allergy' means that you sneeze a lot, but there are an enormity of possible symptoms that might be associated with allergies. Pain, for example. People don't oftentimes associate having pain with having allergies, but pain is oftentimes an associated symptom. The first step to learn how to get rid of allergies is to start seeing associations. You might find that allergy control products might help, in that regard.

Allergy control products are as varied as there are allergic symptoms. If it turns out that you're allergic to molds, then keeping your house dry might be a good way of going, or replacing a swamp cooler with an air conditioner if you live in the Southwest.

Having seasonal allergy symptoms might indicate that you're allergic to pollens or, molds and mildews if you live in areas where there are monsoon rains such as Florida or Arizona. What would be the seasonal aspect in those cases? Well, mold grows more when it rains. If you notice that you start feeling tired all the time, and you feel aches and pains in your body, and you can't think straight during certain times of the year. Mold is probably your problem. You breath in the spores, the spores even might start growing in your trachea or lung passengers (a thing that tends to be taken care of by your immune system) and voila¡­ you start having antigens being built up as your body starts to defend against the organisms.

You can help remove fungus spores from the air with allergy control products such as an air filter. There are many kinds of air filters out there, many which have very tiny filters which filter out many allergens, such as dust mites and fungus spores.

Asthma is oftentimes associated with allergies. Possibly asthma is always caused by allergies. Allergy asthma treatment consists of determining exactly what is causing the reaction, and then removing those allergens. If you determine that the asthma is being caused by cockroach poop, which is a common thing, then you must clean up and kill all of the cockroaches in your house. If the problem is cat dander, then you must get rid of the cat. Dust mites infest your bed, particularly in certain parts of the country, so changing your linen often will help in that respect. Remove all carpets from your house, and replace them with tile or hardwood floors.

Some common food allergies that you might encounter are eggs, wheat, gluten, peanut butter, peanuts, nuts, etc. Oftentimes, though, when a person says they're "allergic to peanuts", they're not really allergic to the peanuts; they're allergic to the fungus that grows on the peanuts. Peanuts grow underground, so they are prone to having fungus grow on their shells. That then gets inside when the peanuts become ripe and the pod cracks open. Allergy control products which might help if you have a peanut allergy would be an air filter. Oftentimes when others in your family eat peanuts, those fungi spores get in the air. If you remove them from the air before the person with asthma breathes them, their throats won't start trying to shut off the offending incoming organisms.

Wheat allergies symptoms include some strange ones. If you get a stabbing pain between your shoulder blades or in your upper-back, it might be a wheat, or potato allergy. Determine whether you just ate either potatoes, wheat (pasta, pizza, pancakes, etc.) the day before. If you did, log it down in a book. Every time that you have a symptom of pain or craziness, or muddled thinking, or panic attacks, or anger outbursts¡­ think of what you ate the day before. Did you drink beer? People are oftentimes allergic to beer.

What are peanut allergy symptoms? Again, when you have a problem with peanuts, it's generally an allergy to the fungus on the peanuts. Fungi are oftentimes what are called 'neurogens', which attack your nervous system. Allergy control products which might help would include a humidity gauge, a dehumidifier, AfterMold spray, micro-filter vacuum cleaners, air cleaning products, air ionizers, and far more.

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1518 days ago
I am one of those who has asthma and allergies. As a kid I use to be allergic to raw eggs. I couldn't touch raw eggs without my face swelling up. But I outgrew that allergy. But some days I'm a little sensitive to eggs. I'm 43 now and take a good medicine Advair to control my asthma. One allergy which could be deadly to me is to peanuts and any nuts of any kind! I can't even eat something with traces of peanuts in it. I have an allergic reaction right away. My tongue starts to swell. The inside of my mouth feels like I have lumps on my cheques. It's hard to swallow, my esophagus starts to narrow, and I get very bad chest pains. For several hours! Sometimes it takes a full day for all the reactions to disappear.

The Symptoms of a Food Allergy

By Sam Sullivan
Symptoms can be relatively mild and include: rashes, hives, itching and swelling or severe leading to trouble breathing, wheezing, loss of consciousness and even death. A food allergy can be potentially fatal if the person has a severe reaction (anaphylaxis) and doesn't receive treatment quickly.

Allergy Elimination - Gluten Free Diet

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What is a Gluten Free Diet? I need to eliminate Carb Cravings - will a Gluten Free Diet help me? Let's discuss what an allergy elimination gluten free diet is and how it can help you track down your possible allergens.

Understanding Allergy Sinus Relief

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Getting allergy sinus relief begins with understanding sinus problems. A lot of sinus victims confuse its symptoms with cold and for a good reason, they are quite similar itchy watery eyes, runny nose this may translate into a serious sinus infection, sinus allergies or even worse a combination of both.

Gassy Newborn - Is it a Milk Allergy?

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Babies with milk allergies may show additional signs such as a rash, bloody stools, or wheezing during or after feedings. This can occur with cow's milk formula, but it may also occur in breastfed babies whose mothers regularly consume dairy products.

Dog Allergy Symptoms - Commercial Dog Food

By Tricia Deed
Dogs may have allergy problems which affect their eyes, ears, skin, and other organs. Unfortunately, our pets cannot tell us what is wrong; however, we can observe the miseries our dogs are experiencing such as scratching, rashes, hot spots, dry skin, loss of hair, ear infections, bad breath, smelly stools, sneezing and so on. These are very typical dog allergy symptoms.

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